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Owning It

Anecdote / Making-of

An exchange with a friend led to a rethink about what I initially viewed as embarrassing self-promotion. But I am as much the brand as the Indievisual name. Find out what I changed on the website and why.

By Any Other Name

Anecdote / Making-of

They say you can't judge a book by it's cover, but the title will certainly help. Whether you're a restaurant, a band, a software developer, or a publication, the name–your brand–is something you probably have or will agonize over. It needs to be original (you hope), memorable, express your values or personality, and reinforce your identity. At least, in theory this is true. In practice, however, our chief priority is to make sure it sounds cool.

Learning To Walk

Anecdote / Making-of
Learning to Walk

So, I’ve decided to make a magazine. Great! Now what? Although I’ve done writing in my past, both in university to acquire my minor in English, I’ve not truly written any original long form articles, etc.; everything I’ve written in recent years have been text translated from Japanese. Moreover, personal writing or even maintaining a blog is quite different from actually publishing a magazine, digital or not. One of the goals for the magazine is […]


Inception of Indievisual

When and how the idea of a digital magazine focused on Japanese indie filmmakers came into being is, to be honest, a little unclear. Like the movie on which this post is titled, the thought most likely occured a few layers deep so as to seem almost organic; a matter of course. I believe the first inkling first happened during my time, first as a volunteer, then as international film programmer for the San Diego […]