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Category: Inspiration

Freunde von Freunden

Freunde von Freunden is an online magazine about creative culture in various parts of the world. Though they are based in Kreuzberg, Berlin, their international network of contributors allows them to tell a wide variety of stories ranging from travel, art, food, and of course, live/work lifestyle which serve to inspire and inform. Their title, meaning “friends of friends,” represents their tight knit community who share the same values about the above mentioned topics.

I first discovered them as I was conducting research into various publications, both online and in print as the idea of Indievisual was still germinating in my head. Freunde von Freunden [hereafter FvF] have also been producing a series of video interviews to compliment their written interviews in association with varied partners….

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Celebrating Number 15

Before posting the second part of my series on how the Indievisual interviews are created, I wanted to briefly acknowledge Kai Brach’s Offscreen magazine reaching its 15th issue. I’ll be writing about Offscreen and Kai as they relate to Indievisual in a future post, but I believe it’s important to commemorate an independent–a one-man (with some contributors)–publication being able to release a quality product consistently over the course of fifteen issues. What began as a side project for Kai has reached a reader-base which can now support him full-time. Naturally, the journey has not been without problems, challenges, and hurdles, but Kai persevered and, more importantly, has been transparent about every victory and setback he has faced.
Now he is in the process of rejevunating the magazine and its site in order to better serve the needs of his growing audience as well as implement what he has learned over the past fifteen issues. The magazine and Kai have been a source of inspiration for my own efforts, and I can only hope I’ll be able to achieve fifteen issues of Indievisual in an equally competent manner. If you have an interest in the amazing work Kai has done to put a human face on the “people behind Bits and Pixels,” please visit the Offscreen site, read his blog, and check out if it’s carried in your area or maybe even subscribe. Congratulations, Kai!

Letter to Jane

If there was one publication which highly influenced my decision to create a digital magazine, it would be Timothy Paul Moore’s independently created art zine, Letter to Jane. It was (and is) the most compelling example of digital editorial design on the iPad.

As other publications rode the initial wave of excitement the iPad built for the future of digital publication–the realities of which I’ll leave for others to debate–Letter to Jane stood out from the rushed, scanned PDF magazines or the overtly complicated multimedia behemoths (in file size) which required instructions to use. Moore’s layouts were beautiful and austere. The themed apps, with their slightly different look and feel from issue-to-issue, conveyed a handcrafted quality as the physical zines of old.

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