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Paper, Pen, Keyboard – part 1

Making-of / Process

Anything created goes on a path from concept to completion. Everyone has a process by which they take their creation through that path. In a series of posts I want to share the process by which Indievisual interviews are created and some of the particular challenges of working in two languages. This first installment will cover the Study phase which is where most endeavors must begin. You have to know what you’re doing before you […]

Themed Issues

Making-of / Planning

As the idea for a digital magazine continued to brew in my head, many concepts about its format and organization came to mind–too many actually. So I turned to established publications from entertainment magazines, lifestyle, fashion, and everything in between for reference. In terms of planning an issue, fashion and entertainment publications have the advantage of distinct seasons through which upcoming “products” can be introduced. Lifestyle and travel magazines can focus on a particular place, […]

Learning To Walk

Anecdote / Making-of
Learning to Walk

So, I’ve decided to make a magazine. Great! Now what? Although I’ve done writing in my past, both in university to acquire my minor in English, I’ve not truly written any original long form articles, etc.; everything I’ve written in recent years have been text translated from Japanese. Moreover, personal writing or even maintaining a blog is quite different from actually publishing a magazine, digital or not. One of the goals for the magazine is […]

Letter to Jane

Inspiration / Making-of
Letter to Jane Influence

If there was one publication which highly influenced my decision to create a digital magazine, it would be Timothy Paul Moore’s independently created art zine, Letter to Jane. It was (and is) the most compelling example of digital editorial design on the iPad. As other publications rode the initial wave of excitement the iPad built for the future of digital publication–the realities of which I’ll leave for others to debate–Letter to Jane stood out from […]