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State of the Newsletter

Planning / Process

Before the end of 2017 I stated I was hoping to implement email newsletters on the Indievisual site. It's the second half of 2018 and I thought this would be good time to reveal what has been going on and what will happen with the newsletter.

The Pivot

Indievisual Mag / Planning / Solutions
The Pivot Featured

Almost four years ago, when I first conceived of this project, the third generation iPad was released. Steve Jobs' promise of the iPad revolutionizing publishing was hitting a good stride. The situation now is quite different thus necessitating a change in strategy.

Themed Issues

Making-of / Planning

As the idea for a digital magazine continued to brew in my head, many concepts about its format and organization came to mind–too many actually. So I turned to established publications from entertainment magazines, lifestyle, fashion, and everything in between for reference. In terms of planning an issue, fashion and entertainment publications have the advantage of distinct seasons through which upcoming “products” can be introduced. Lifestyle and travel magazines can focus on a particular place, […]

Why Not a Website

Website Or App

The web has become a means for sharing and consuming information. Many services exist to allow creators and readers to connect, from blogging platforms like WordPress, website creation platforms such as Squarespace, and even online publishing platforms such as Medium. With millions of people engaging in the world wide web on their computers and mobile devices, publishing on a website would seem the natural choice. However, the web can be a distracting place. Many journalistic […]

Why Not Print

Print or App

The question seems obvious. If the intention is to create a magazine, then why not a print magazine? Why a digital magazine? As much as I would admittedly like to publish a print magazine–my graphic design background almost screams for it–there are two reasons for choosing digital: practicality and economics. Digital publishing involves primarily writing text then allowing the platform to set the text, photos, etc. into the a pre-determined layout. In the case of […]