About the Magazine

Indievisual is a digital publication with the sole purpose of introducing Japanese filmmakers–and their films–who, for a variety of reasons, might not have the opportunity to gain international attention. Additionally, it will aim to maintain a presence for those who have already gained recognition abroad. The editorial focus will be centered on independent filmmakers and small to medium production houses, though in the interest of broadening the knowledge of its readership, the early works and history of more renown directors, actors, etc. will also be covered on occasion. This will be accomplished exclusively through features.

News & rumor bulletins, for which the internet is far better, will not be included. Furthermore, it must be stated that reviews will also not be found within any issue’s pages. It is my strong belief that all films have an audience. Reviews are the personal opinions of a specific writer—professional or not—which should in no way serve as a measure of a film’s potential.

Likewise, by profiling and interviewing filmmakers we hope to promote the individuals and companies themselves for the purpose of building an awareness of and perhaps a following for the creators themselves. Indievisual ultimately aspires to become a channel of information and insight connecting Japan’s independent filmmakers with their  audience abroad.