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Pen, Paper, Keyboard – part 3


After all the efforts of the previous two stages, the most labor intensive phase of the entire review process begins. Though both were in service of communicating clearly with the interviewee, the labors covered in this third and final stage revolve around communicating what the filmmakers express to the reader.

Pen, Paper, Keyboard – part 2


Now that copious notes have been taken, the time has come to make use of them. Part 2 of the series tackles the challenges of taking the information gathered to create both the structure of the interview as well as the kinds of questions to (or not to) ask.

Paper, Pen, Keyboard – part 1


Anything created goes on a path from concept to completion. Everyone has a process by which they take their creation through that path. In a series of posts I want to share the process by which Indievisual interviews are created and some of the particular challenges of working in two languages. This first installment will cover the Study phase which is where most endeavors must begin. You have to know what you’re doing before you […]