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Proving the web can create interesting connections between people and sites, art resource website Artsy contacted Indievisual after finding mention of Henri Rosseau in a recent interview. Take a moment to read a little more about them and follow the links provided.

Quick Updates

Indievisual Mag

Too many weeks have gone by without a new blog post. Fortunately, the neglect was not due to forgetfulness or even laziness. Work on the actual magazine website has required undivided attention and the efforts are yielding results. However, it is time to at least update readers on what has been happening so far.

Learning To Walk

Anecdote / Making-of
Learning to Walk

So, I’ve decided to make a magazine. Great! Now what? Although I’ve done writing in my past, both in university to acquire my minor in English, I’ve not truly written any original long form articles, etc.; everything I’ve written in recent years have been text translated from Japanese. Moreover, personal writing or even maintaining a blog is quite different from actually publishing a magazine, digital or not. One of the goals for the magazine is […]