Dreamhost v. DoJ


Back in August, Indievisual’s web hosting company reported a request they received from the Department of Justice to provide the data of visitors to a political activist site. Dreamhost respectfully declined, but was then met with an order to compel. Ultimately, they went to Superior Court and prevailed. Read the posts from Dreamhost to learn the complete details, but the TL:DR version is this: Dreamhost fought to defend/protect their user’s (and in effect all web users’) data from unreasonable and unjustified requests by the government.
Without taking this blog into the political arena, I wanted to acknowledge and applaud their efforts to keep the internet free of privacy exploitation whether by private, corporate, or political entities. Dreamhost is an independently owned and operated company which allows them to maintain a core set of values and a commitment to customers other companies funded by corporate or venture capital may not. Dreamhost has won an important skirmish in the fight for internet user rights by standing up to the Department of Justice and Indievisual is proud to be hosted with them.