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PLAN 75 Screening

PLAN 75 Feature Image

Plan 75 opens with a vague image of a dark place. There is a report from a shotgun. A shadowy figure runs in fear. Another shadowy figure emerges, on the prowl. After a moment, another shot is heard. Before long, the perpetrator can be seen relaying their manifesto either on audio or video–something about ending people’s suffering in order to make the country’s future brighter–before turning the shotgun on themselves. It’s an outlandish scene depicting […]

K-Noir and J-Noir


Korean Film Noir movies are making an impression across the globe, most recently "The Villainess" at Cannes. In our interview with Miyazaki Daisuke, he expresses his hope to one day help create a "J-Noir" movement in Japan through mid-budget movies, but there are inherent challenges.