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State of the Newsletter


Before the end of 2017 I stated I was hoping to implement email newsletters on the Indievisual site. It's the second half of 2018 and I thought this would be good time to reveal what has been going on and what will happen with the newsletter.

Meaningful Content


The husband and wife team at Lagom magazine posted on the state of their blog and their decision to focus more on quality rather than quantity which turns out to be both timely and encouraging for Backstory.

The Adventuress Spirit


The latest interview with Nishikawa Fumie is online. This interview features a main image shot on an iPhone 7 using Moment lenses. In all likelihood, this will become a permanent practice going forward.

Freunde von Freunden

Backstory-FvF-Feature Image

"Freunde von Freunden" is an online magazine about creative culture in various parts of the world. Based in Kreuzberg, Berlin, they're comprised of an international network of contributors telling a wide variety of stories ranging from travel, art, food, and of course, live/work lifestyle which serve to inspire and inform.

Reading Tea Leaves


Now that a month has passed since the site went live, I thought I'd share some interesting observations from the site's statistics and how these may (or may not) guide the operation of the site moving forward.