Meaningful Content


[…] Because the reality is that that creating quick, skim-able posts still requires a fair degree of work to create and promote, and yet adds very little to our brand as a whole. At their best, these posts increased our social following by a very small amount; at their worst, those posts diluted our whole message and failed to represent the quality of the printed magazine. We’re a very small team with extremely limited resources, and it makes no sense for us to put time and effort into content that doesn’t accurately represent us.

You might occasionally find a quick post from us on our website or social channels, such as an announcement like this one, a story we’ve produced in collaboration with a partner, or a link to something a friend is doing, but we have so much great content to publish from seven issues (and counting) of the magazine, that that’ll be our focus from now on.

By and large you’ll be hearing from us less. And we think that’s a good thing — when you do hear from us, it’ll be more meaningful….

Lagom Magazine