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K-Noir and J-Noir


Korean Film Noir movies are making an impression across the globe, most recently "The Villainess" at Cannes. In our interview with Miyazaki Daisuke, he expresses his hope to one day help create a "J-Noir" movement in Japan through mid-budget movies, but there are inherent challenges.

Kikuchi Takeo


I don’t believe all Japanese independent films are of that style. Personally, I don’t like styles that are too explanatory and over-emotional. The fact that I like classic films have affected my style, I believe. When you trace back the history of cinema, it begins with silent films and films by the Lumière brothers where the picture said it all. That is why I now produce and think of ways of how I can use […]

Fukazawa Shinichi


For independent filmmakers, the journey toward finishing your movie is often wrought with challenges, whether by technical challenges or as is most often the case, financial ones.