Neill Blomkamp is sowing Oats


From this interview by Glixel.

In traditional Hollywood you have this situation where directors work on these pretty large films that take a couple of years to make. They end up doing ten or 15 films in their career because of how long it takes to mount the projects. My initial reason to want to do this was because you don’t really have the opportunity to play around as much as you may want to. If you think of a painter or a sculptor or a musician they have hundreds of pieces of semi-completed artwork lying all over the place while they’re testing stuff out and they go from one painting to another painting and then back. Because filmmaking requires so much capital per project it behaves like a very different beast.

I really wanted to try and figure out if there was a way to not have to adhere to that, at least for 50 percent of my career. I still want to do big Hollywood films, my interest in that hasn’t waned at all, but how do I introduce this sandbox of playing around, this incubator or nursery ground for ideas, how do I make that happen?

I have to admit, his thoughts on filmmakers not being able to “play around” with ideas as compared with other artists due to the cost of ramping up even a small, experimental shoot is rather accurate. It also should be noted that he, too, tapped Kojima Hideo for feedback on some of the movies Oats Studios has already shot.