They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but the title will certainly help. Whether you’re a restaurant, a band, a software developer, or a publication, the name–your brand–is something you probably have or will agonize over. It needs to be original (you hope), memorable, express your values or personality, and reinforce your identity. At least, in theory this is true. In practice, however, our chief priority is to make sure it sounds cool which often times is not the best solution. If you’re fortunate, you hit upon the right name without too many dips into the trashcan to revive rejected ideas. And when it’s right, you’ll feel it’s so natural, so suitable, that you wonder why finding it required so much effort. This was certainly the case for Indievisual.

Concepts and Ideas

What is this thing I am creating and what do I want it to do? Answering these two fundamental questions were the starting point. With regard to the first question, I began looking into words which described a periodical or a collection of written information. Digital or otherwise, the concept of information presented…

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