Chadwick Boseman to play Yasuke


According to this Hollywood Reporter story.

Chadwick Boseman’s peg rate has arguably been propelled by his role of T’Challa, and rightfully so. He has an upcoming movie 21 Bridges produced by the Russo Brothers through their AGBO label which will allow him to sink his teeth into a reportedly gritty 70s-style police drama. Getting him onboard this project will no doubt elevate its ability to attain financing, but so far there is no word of a director though ‘Narcos’ writer Doug Miro penning the screenplay is a positive sign. I suspect or hope Ken Watanabe and/or Hiroyuki Sanada will be offered major roles along with other Japanese or Japanese-American performers. This is an interesting tale which is apparently true despite the rather anime-esque premise (think “Afro Samurai). Find out more below:

Will keep an eye on this one.