Plan75 Feature in the Works


Very happy to learn from this interview (in Japanese) director Hayakawa Chie is developing her Plan75 segment from Ten Years Japan into a feature-length. Plan75 was certainly one of the most impactful episodes of the short movie omnibus with a bold, emotionally dense, and salient subject matter which certainly demands further exploration beyond what the short format could only give an inkling.

Hayakawa, who studied photography at th New York School of Visual Arts, made a strong impression after her short movie Niagara was screened at Cannes in 2014. Since then, her profile and output has been rather low with only a handful of shorts in her filmography, only one of which is mentioned in the profile presented in the article–the Greece set and shot Bird. Why it has taken so long for this highly promising filmmaker to make her feature-length debut (as far as I can confirm) is odd to say the least.

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