Furuta Wataru Interview Now Available


The first interview published in 2018 is with Furuta Wataru, an award-winning producer and director who I have known for many years. I first encountered his work when I was the international films programmer for the San Diego Asian Film Festival. I reached out to him on one of my visits to Japan and over time we have become friends. His career trajectory is fascinating. Though I saw a burgeoning filmmaker racking up multiple short movie achievements to his name, he shifted rather naturally to being a working photographer/art director when cable and satellite programming–through which he was most active–trailed off in reaction to changing viewership as the internet first began encroaching upon broadcast media. However, had Furuta garnered his short movie success in tandem with the rise of internet video instead of before, I’m personally convinced his path would have continued in motion pictures. Though very happy with the work he is now doing (he is slowly gaining attention as a photographer), Furuta has become one of those “lost” filmmakers who for one reason or another became overlooked or quietly went on to do other things. It was the desire to bring attention to filmmakers like Furuta which motivated me to begin Indievisual, therefore I am especially pleased to shine a light back on this successful producer and director who was just slightly ahead of the times.

Click here to read my interview with Furuta Wataru.