Enlightened Era of Tech


“In a more enlightened era of tech, we will move beyond a superficial understanding of ‘well designed’, which today seems overly concerned with aesthetics. Instead, good design will focus on creating user experiences that are inclusive and empathetic, on writing code that is open and energy-efficient, and on running a business model that doesn’t rely on infinite growth to survive.”
Kai Brach (Offscreen magazine)


Publisher Kai Brach writes an astute editor’s note for Issue 18 (seen above). He has shared it on the Offscreen Blog and I think it’s worth a read. Though dealing particularly with dilemmas facing the tech industry, all of us who use new media platforms should take in to consideration our responsibility for the content which ultimately are processed, filtered, and delivered to users across the globe. As the quote above points out, “growth” or in the parlance of internet journalism, ‘click-bait’, needs to take a backseat to integrity.

Please, do click here and read Kai’s thoughts.