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Caught My Eye Rethink


The Caught My Eye section of the Indievisual web magazine has been an integral part of introducing movies to audiences abroad. I've written in great detail about some which may have been problematic. Learn what I've decided to do for upcoming movie write-ups in this section.

Meaningful Content


The husband and wife team at Lagom magazine posted on the state of their blog and their decision to focus more on quality rather than quantity which turns out to be both timely and encouraging for Backstory.

Indievisual March Madness


Indievisual was invited to attend the 2017 Osaka Asian Film Festival as a member of the press and a special report is currently being written which will serve as the linchpin for the magazine site's launch. Of course, being a side project, this normally needs to be put on the back burner when paying work arrives, but with a promise of a March publication, it is time to cook with all burners.

Pen, Paper, Keyboard – part 3


After all the efforts of the previous two stages, the most labor intensive phase of the entire review process begins. Though both were in service of communicating clearly with the interviewee, the labors covered in this third and final stage revolve around communicating what the filmmakers express to the reader.