Indievisual March Madness


Apologies, again, for the lack of updates. If you’ve been following the Indievisual Facebook, then you know a couple of weeks ago, Indievisual was given the privilege of attending the 2017 Osaka Asian Film Festival as a member of the press thanks to international press manager Kayoko Nakanishi. I was able to see the majority of movies screened in the Indie Forum section as well as connecting with many new filmmakers and writers/festival programmers from overseas.

I’ve been working on writing an article about OAFF, its Indie Forum section, as well as the Cineastes Organization Osaka, but ever since returning from Osaka, I’ve been juggling writing this with paid work which has been coming in at a blistering pace lately (not too complain, but sometimes you just want to focus on your pet projects). The OAFF 2017 article will be a prominently featured special report and I have decided to make its completion the linchpin for launching the Indievisual magazine site.

By telling many people I met at OAFF about the site (not to mention pledging to go public within the month of March), expectations for its opening are high and it is time to deliver. This has required a reshuffling of the interviews which will debut at launch, but I am eager to complete this estimated 3000 word beast so it can join the already uploaded content awaiting all of you to read.

Again, I thank you all for your patience. The wait is almost over.